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The Ultimate Guide to Knowing Your Product in Real Estate!

Those of us in Sales are continuously reminded of the importance of knowing our product! Yet, all over the MLS we see realtors with the same descriptions for homes “gorgeous living space”, “back yard oasis”, “diamond in the rough”. It’s time we take a step toward improving our knowledge about the home/merchandise we are marketing, so that it stands out amongst all others on the shelf and gets the best price, in the least possible amount of time for our clients.

This course will benefit ALL agents, new and seasoned. We welcome you to join us for one hour a day, for 3 days, with presenter Richelle D. Stannard, Home Stager & Re-Design Specialist, to learn all the key features of the homes you show every day in your career!.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and spend some time honing in on your craft.
The first cup is on us! Receive a Starbucks gift card and a complimentary recap of each course upon sign up.
Value and success is unlimited!
Share this course with your real estate colleagues and friends to help them succeed with you.

With this 3-part course, you will learn:

  1. The different styles of homes in our market & how to identify and describe them in detail
  2. The special details and relevancy of the materials used toward the design
  3. Important interior features & characteristics of homes in our market that are sought after by buyers

By the end of our course, you will know the different styles, key features, & creative descriptions of each home you sell. Your detailed & poignant marketing will blow those other dull descriptions out of the water!

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