Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly and when we’re not prepared, we end up scuffling to find a gift last-minute. Most of the time, we end up at the flower market ordering an overpriced bouquet of flowers. This year let’s do better. Let’s prepare a special gift for the woman who raised you and loved you. I’ve pulled together a list of gift ideas any mother would love.
1. Book her a solo day at the spa to release any built-up tension since last year.
2. An airtag since she’s always losing her keys or wallet.
3. A custom name bracelet or necklace. This would be even more special if it had her children’s names on it.
4. An apple watch to help her keep track of her health.
5. A sunrise alarm for the early bird moms.
6. A silk pillowcase which is good for her hair and great for her skin!
7. Comfortable Slippers for the house
8. If she’s a book worm, find a book that she hasn’t read yet.
9. A framed picture of you/your family with a letter expressing your appreciation.
10. If you’re on a budget, cook her a nice dinner or bake some cookies! In the end, it’s the thought that counts, not the dollar amount spent.

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