Our Thoughts on Ashley Tisdale’s Self-Designed Home

Ashley’s modern/bohemian home is one of a kind. She mentions that when she found the home. it was move-in ready and all she had to do was furnish it in her own way. The 1971 Mario Bellini sofa fits so effortlessly into the room along with the Apparatus coffee table. Even though the Sabin chairs seem to match the texture and color of the rest of the furniture in the living room, I’m personally not a huge fan of the animal skin-like fabric. Instead, I myself would have used a set of wooden chairs to pull the room together.

She mentions that she was never into color in her home, but while she was pregnant she had the feeling that she wanted to add a fun pop of color throughout the house. I must say that she did a fantastic job by adding just the right splash of color with small flowers, pink blankets, and colorful books on the bookshelf.

As she moves along to her dining room, it seems to be an average dining room but the custom-made chairs are out of the ordinary. These chairs are made by Stall and Band and have a green moss-like cushion. Initially, my thought was “that’s an odd fabric” about the chairs, but as I viewed the rest of the room, I found how well it fit with the wooden designed dining room and surrounding trees on the outside of the house.

Her minimalistic kitchen designed in black, white, and wood is lovely. The only negative aspect of this kitchen is that it has a minimum amount of storage. Bowls, plates, etc are placed on shelves underneath the kitchen table which make the kitchen look a bit cluttered and distracts from the actual design of the kitchen. From my point of view, if she replaces the dining room table/center island with an island with storage underneath that can be hidden, the kitchen’s design will instantly be elevated and more organized.

My favorite part of the home is undoubtedly her bedroom. She mentions that the room is inspired by a friend’s bedroom which was designed by Brigette Romanek. The use of wood, textures, and tones inspired her to use that in her own bedroom. Some may feel that the furniture in this bedroom clashes with one another, but I feel that it perfectly complements and balances each other out. The lama-like chair with burl wood nightstands and funky lamps is an eye-catching part of the room.

Overall, Ashley Tisdale has a bold sense of style that most people would not feel comfortable experimenting with. Though, I can truly say that she was successful in the eccentric compilation of furniture and decor.


  • Mark 2022-05-04

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    • Richelle Stannard

      Thank you, Mark!

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