8 Hot Spring Design Tips and Trends

Now that the holidays are over, we are all either looking forward to or dreading your yearly Spring-cleaning, reorganizing and decorating. Along with the dusting, cleaning and eliminating of clutter, you may also want to think about ways to make your space feel more bright, new and fresh. I love this season because it reminds me that things are always changing and becoming more beautiful. It is the perfect time to update a room or apply some simple changes to your entire home design.

Here are some spring design tips that I use to keep my clients’ homes looking stylish, modern and luxurious.

1. Start by decluttering and removing things you do not absolutely love. Giveaway, donate or store things that do not go with your intended mood, color scheme or design. If you do not yet know what style you will use, start by focusing on the feeling tone you want for that room. For example, in the case of a bedroom you may want a relaxing and cozy ambiance. My advice would be to eliminate anything that does not give you that feeling.

2. Add a spring touch to your porch, door and entrance area. This is area is commonly neglected except for around Christmas time when the wreath is hung. Find pots, welcome mats and flowers that are spring hues. This is a great touch that warms visitors as they enter your space.

3. Change throw pillow cases and duvets. This is an easy and inexpensive way to save on buying so many different small decorative pillows and expensive comforter sets. You can purchase covers for each season or new look you desire.

4. Play with textures to create an entire mood. Often we associate coziness and comfort with winter but I think we can all agree that we love a cozy home anytime of the year. Don’t be afraid to add furs, hides and fuzziness in fun spring colors to give a space a fun new look and feel.

5. Change throws, towels and lampshades. Similar to tip #3, this is an easy way to spruce up a space without buying new furniture or permanently changing things. You can even purchase lighting fixtures that can easily be changed with the seasons.

6. Use books with spring colors to accent any space. Adding a small vase or plant as a bookend takes this idea up a notch. This can be applied at any room. Don’t forget beautiful cookbooks for the kitchen

7. No room is complete without some fresh or faux greenery and flowers. Classic Spring flowers like tulips or lilies match any room. There are some luxurious faux flowers and greenery that could save you money overtime from buying fresh flowers weekly.

8. Set up a spring table. A set table is a timeless style element that glams up any living space. Using those spring flowers, light colored dishes and table clothes can transform your dining experience.

Remember, a major part of decorating is incorporating a little piece of yourself into each room. Trends, seasons and spaces may change but designing a home that is filled with love, peace and beauty is the number one priority.

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