Seasonal Décor tips

Switching up your décor with the seasons is a great way to invite a feeling of freshness and novelty into your home. We live in our homes constantly, and it’s only inevitable that we start to forget the beauty of our surroundings if they go unchanged.  Adjusting elements of your interior design with each season is not only a rewarding venture, but one that will allow you to appreciate your home in all its glory, all year round!

Seasonal Décor Ideas

There are a ton of creative ways to add season-specific décor to your home – here are just a few to spark your imagination!

  1. Fabrics. Swap your fabrics around based on the season. For example in Winter, why not throw in some thicker blankets, throws, cushions, and rugs to create an altogether cozier feel?

  2. Accessories. Add seasonal accessories to your displays. Themed placemats, ornaments, and artwork are always great, plus holiday-themed pieces like Halloween pumpkins and Christmas decorations.

  3. Flowers and plants. Fresh flowers (or even artificial ones) are always a lovely way to brighten up a room, and adding a seasonal element to your floral displays will make them all the more beautiful. For example, poinsettia and red amaryllises are perfectly suited to Christmas and the holiday season.

  4. Colors. Switching up your color scheme will immediately shift the feel of your décor. This is especially suited to homes with neutral core pieces of furniture that can be contrasted nicely with pretty much any color. Why not opt for fresh pastels and brights in Spring and Summer and burnt oranges, yellows, reds, and browns in the Fall and Winter seasons?

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