Our Amazon Home Favorites

Our Amazon Home Favorites

Amazon is a great place to find some products and deals if you don’t have the time to go searching and shopping. We compiled a list of some of our favorite Amazon products so you don’t have to go looking for them.

Round Ottoman with Storage: With this ottoman/table, you can easily store blankets, toys, or extra items that you may not want laying around your living room. The flat, hard surface can be perfectly used as a table as well. It has a simple and modern design, which makes it easy to style with any kind of living space. 

Countertop corner organizer: This countertop storage organizer is great for the bathroom or kitchen. Store your everyday bathroom products, seasoning, or anything you may use on a day-to-day basis and want it to be easily accessible. You can also find another great countertop corner organizer if you click here.

Flameless Candles With Timer: These energy-saving LED candles with a timer are perfect for the evenings at home to avoid using electricity and protect from the dangers of a flame. 

Woven Seagrass Basket: This handmade, woven basket is great for storage, and use as a laundry, picnic, or grocery basket.

Arched Full-Length Mirror: This modern and contemporary full-length mirror is great for the bedroom or living room. It is made with excellent quality and is easily installable.

Four-Layer Foldable Makeup Box: The four-tray design makes it easy to use this box at home with all your products, and fold it up when traveling. It’s more lightweight than an aluminum make-up bag and comes with a built-in mirror.

Two-Pack Blue Light Glasses: These blue light glasses are perfect for alleviating visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming, and working under fluorescent lights with UV400 protection and glare reduction.

Digital Alarm Clock: This alarm clock allows you to either set two or three alarms to better WAKE you up. One for you and the other for your families. Forever Say no to delay. Also, it allows you to set weekday mode, which will ring only from Monday to Friday. It’s not only a clock but also a great decoration for your bedroom.


Easy and Affordable Ways to Elevate Your Home

Make the Entreeway a Focal Point

Improving your entryway can make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. Use a dark color on the door to make the entryway pop, and add two large symmetrical planters at the walkway.

Create the Illusion of a High Ceiling

High ceilings are a key feature in expensive homes but if your home doesn’t come with original high ceilings, it can be costly to physically raise the ceiling height. Luckily, there is a trick to creating an illusion for high ceilings. By hanging the curtain rod closer to the ceiling, and using long flowing drapes, you can create a more luxurious look. 

Use a Neutral and Light Canvas

Painting the walls a neutral color such as white, cream, or light gray creates a clean look before adding decor and furniture. This gives you the flexibility to use colors without clashing and cluttering the home.

Apply Removable Wallpaper 

To spice up a room, bathroom, or hallway, consider adding a simple but statement wallpaper to one wall that catches the eye when entering the room. 

Pull Your Furniture Away from  the Walls

Pulling your furniture away from the walls creates more space and utilizes the room better. Setting the furniture at least 12” from the walls, makes the room look more inviting and cozy.

Keep Entryways Clear 

One of the worst things to do when organizing your furniture is to place a large piece of furniture right in front of the entryway. When you walk into the room, if there’s a sofa in front of the entree, this automatically closes off the room. Create openings by rearranging the furniture so your guests can walk directly into an open and inviting room.

Paint Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets and Replace Hardware 

 Instead of completely replacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, painting them a light color will brighten up the space, and make it look larger and more expensive. To give it an extra sleek and new look, replacing the hardware with affordable gold, brass, satin nickel, or black styles from Target or Amazon can freshen up the look of your kitchen and bathroom.

Hide Clutter from Wires

Another important way to make your home look more elevated is by removing any additional clutter, especially from TV and computer wires. An easy way to do this is by concealing them with cord covers from Amazon or The Home Depot. They can be easily installed with a hacksaw and some screws, then painted the same color as your wall to seamlessly blend in. 

Add a Beautiful Light Fixture

Adding a light fixture that catches the eye and lights the room can be a simple way to accelerate a living room, dining room, or master bedroom. It doesn’t need to be an expensive or extravagant fixture. Something that creates a layer of sophistication.

Create a Small Appliance Hideaway

Recent modern and luxury homes include a kitchen that is sleek and free of appliances on countertops. At first look at the kitchen, a guest does not see a microwave, toaster, or coffeemaker. That is because these appliances are hidden behind a cabinet door that matches the rest of the kitchen cabinets. This shouldn’t be too costly, considering a door can be added with basic required wood and cabinet hardware. To give it an extra clean look, you can even ask a professional to create a cabinet to hide away the refrigerator. 

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