Tis’ the Season for Holiday Decorating

Tis’ the Season for Holiday Decorating

In honor of the big weekend, here are some of our favorite Holiday Decorated homes.


All month we’ve been decking the halls and lighting up the yule logs. It feels like the season has come and gone so quickly!

In more recent years, we’ve seen so many lovely traditional and non-traditional decor surrounding the holidays. We love the diversity and emergence of ALL Holiday’s being represented. There is no shortage for Holiday Decorating Ideas, no matter how you celebrate! So whether you love traditional colors, or decorate your tree with gorgeous flowers, here are some of our favorite Holiday decorating ideas for the 2022 Season.

Neutral & Natural


Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle


It’s A Wonderful World of Color


Mid Century Nostalgia


A Blue Blue Hanukkah

A New Take on Mishumaa Saba – Kwanza


AIRBNB Re-Design

In case you missed it last week, our socials spent time talking about LA Home Staging and Design’s Airbnb/Re-Design Services, and why it is so crucial for getting your listing booked.

The ultimate goal when running an Airbnb is to book your listing day in and day out. It’s a lucrative and sustainable business, that can be a great source of semi-passive income. With that said, it’s not as easy, as just owning a house and listing the space. Travelers are looking for manicured living spaces, that they know they will be comfortable staying in, even if it’s just for one night. There are a ton of tips on Airbnb’s Hosting Site that help guide you in the right direction, however that still doesn’t give you the knowledge of Design. Space design, color theory, and knowledge of materials are equally as important when it comes to creating that perfect space for your guests, and leaving an impactful first impression.

As professionals in the field, here are a few tips of our own, to help get your listing noticed and booked!

Stick to a Color Palette

Benjamin Moore

Keep your eye out for trending colors by searching paint sites like Benjamin Moore, Behr and Pantone. Choose your favorite hue and create a palette around it. If you’re taste is more minimal, choose a pop of color and few neutral colors to disperse around the space. Choose a bold color for the walls if you love color and want to edge on maximalism. You can find plenty of color examples here in our gallery. A fresh coat of paint, or a couple new throw pillows can go a very long way in sprucing up the color in your listing. Just make sure to decorate for the guests you want.

Choose Staple Pieces of Furniture

Look for timeless staple pieces that will last years. Neutral colored sectionals make it easy to switch out colors and styles as trends change, season by season. Ideally, you want to find a single piece of eye catching furniture to plan the rest of your items around. This could be a sofa, accent chairs or even play off some of the architecture, like exposed beams or a stunning fireplace. It all depends on the feeling you want to evoke. Is the space tranquil, or lively?

We offer great statement furniture with the launch of our new furniture line Richelle’s Furniture. Here is a trending favorite that we just added to our inventory.

Purchase Art Work and Textiles that Show Off Your Personality

Choosing Artwork or textiles that speak to you, or represents your culture, is a great way to connect with guests without having to say a word. It’s important to show off your personality and make the space seem relate-able. Textiles can be switched out when it’s time for a refresh, but a well chosen piece of Artwork will be timeless (and a conversation starter). Here are some stunning examples statement pieces for the wall.

Hire a Professional

If all else fails, let us shamelessly plug our amazing Re-Design services, specifically for Airbnb Listings. LA Home Staging & Design, in conjunction with Richelle’s Furniture will help create a thoughtful and inviting space for you and your guests. We help choose color palettes by coordinating the details of your home, like artwork and linens. We’ll also choose a few staple pieces of furniture that really show off your personality and the message you want to convey about your home. Most importantly we know what guests looks for when it comes to space design and living like they are at home.
We’ll be sure to check off every point so that guests are at their most comfortable, and book your listing again and again! Ask us for a proposal today!


We Have a Big Announcement!

LA Home Staging and Design is proud to announce that we will be launching our very own designer furniture line, Furniture LA!

Because we adore our audience so very much, we wanted to give you all an exclusive sneak-peak of what you can expect from our line. We only want what is best for our clients when Staging, Re-Designing, or Designing your Airbnb, which is why we have partnered with companies that offer trending, quality products, at affordable prices.

Sleek lines and luxurious styles with quality leather and Boucle fabrics are some of the popular materials and styles you’ll find within our line. Making sure we have a piece for every personal style is extremely important to us. We want to be your go-to line for stylish and timeless items for your home.

In fact, we love you all so much, we are offering early access to ordering products before our site goes live! Just give us a call and mention this blog entry. You can order these items for personal use or for one of our 3 services. Whether your making your home feel more like you, or staging it to sell, our carefully curated line will be sure to leave you happy with your space!



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5 Colors to Style With This Autumn/Winter

The world is getting its color back, folks! The past few years have seen monochrome combinations of neutrals and organic decor. While trends show that the organic and sustainable decor and furniture, wont be going anywhere, anytime soon; we will be seeing much a more predominate existence of color.

Rich and beautifully toned “retro-like” colors are making there way into the scene. We have already seen the emergence of maximalism in the past few years, but these trending design moves are leaving plenty of room for the minimalists. Color blocked walls, neutral furniture and textured patterns. Mix the 3 and you won’t go wrong, no matter your decorating preferences.

Here are some of the colors that are trending as well get further into Fall/Winter.

Shades of Ruby

Look out for accessories and accent pieces with muted tones of red and maroon. Take into consideration these beautiful color blocked walls featured in Home & Gardens.

The Green Machine

Shades of green have been trending for sometime now. However, where we would normally see deep saturated greens around the Holidays, we will begin to see more olives and grays, like in this gorgeously made up bedroom. 

Warm Neutrals

Just because we are moving to more color, doesn’t mean Neutrals are out. Keep the ones you have or incorporate warmer tones like the ones seen in the glorious kitchen featured in this blog.


Warm and cozy gold tones can be a perfect accent color for a more neutral palette. Think , less mid-century, more modern, like this throw pillow selection from Crate and Barrel. 

New Blue

Blue hues always bring a sense of calm and serenity. That’s a perfect match for the cozy feelings of fall. Check out these stunning blues that have been incorporated into this space.

There are so many different ways you can style your home and incorporate some gorgeous color. If you need even more inspiration, please take a look at my gallery page, or contact me for more information on my Re-Design Services

How To Style: Fall Addition

Simple and Effective Ways to Style Your Home for Fall

Styling a home for fall is one of the most exciting times of the year! It’s the time when we start to slow down after a busy summer and prepare for warm gatherings. A time when everyone looks forward to making pies and watching true crime under fuzzy blankets. When pillows and throws pile high and pair well with a cup of coffee. Home starts to feel cozy.

 If you’re anything like us, a “Fall Reboot” is just what we need for that boost of serotonin. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a new season. Of course, you can incorporate fall feelings with orange and yellow leaves, pumpkins upon pumpkins, and “Home Sweet Home” signs galore. But there are also more subtle ways to style inviting spaces if the “obvious”, just isn’t your thing. 

So whether you’re into obvious fall trends or subtle nuances colder weather, here are some easy and affordable ways to transition your home to fall. Room by room. 

Sitting Room


Let’s start with the Mantle.

A fireplace is the first area to begin bringing all the autumn feels indoors. What’s better, is that you can easily purchase capsule pieces that are easy to transition, just by adding a pop of color, or by switching seasonal botanicals in and out. Stoneware is one of our favorite materials to work with. Whether it’s a threesome of candle holders or these beautiful Joss & Main vases on Wayfair. These neutrals make a perfect year-around focal point. They just need an adjustment from season to season. Adding botanicals like dried protea, autumn eucalyptus and bunny tail bunches, help to create stunning visuals with a subtle pop of fall color. For the bottom half of a fireplace, incorporate 1-3 woven baskets and pile up on the chunky blankets and pillows.

Living Room


Speaking of throws and pillows, adding chunky knits and textured materials to your sofa, is by far the easiest way to incorporate the fall season into your home. Faux fur, Waffle Knit, Crochet, all scream cozy and comfortable. If you love neutrals, stick to pallets and textures like these ones, from West Elm. Mixing textures is a great way to keep the space interesting without having to add Color. If you love a pop of color, this is your time to add a spice of deep oranges or yellows. Olive greens and deep blues are trending this season as well. So don’t be afraid to shy away from the traditional.  

Dining Room


Dining Rooms are a staple of fall. Why, it’s the very place we gather around for a delicious meal with family and friends. Adding some homey place-settings and centerpieces to the table (or breakfast bar) is another easy way to prep for the season. Woven or knitted placemats can turn the simplest of dinnerware into a beautiful, autumn inspired setting. (These ones are on clearance!) Don’t forget those gorgeous centerpieces that can be interchanged. Tall vases and branchy botanicals are tried and true, but don’t underestimate the power of a unique center bowl with some dried fruit. This gorgeous travertine centerpiece bowl from Crate and Barrel is a stunning addition for fall. Even better, it can be paired with just about anything.  



Now, if you just aren’t into the cliche of seasonal colors, or if adding prints to your space makes you feel over the top, styling a kitchen season by season can be challenging. Or seemingly pointless. However, bringing the essence of the season into the room by engaging our senses is the perfect way to update a kitchen. Of course, adding warm or muted colors with dish towels and oven mitts works, but you can also find ways to cozy up your kitchen by switching out scents and flavors. Set up a coffee station and fill it with your favorite spiced coffees or syrups. These dispensers from Amazon make it easy to switch up and label seasonal flavors, while keeping your space stylish and efficient. Adding a spiced soap like apple, cinnamon, vanilla or this pumpkin spiced soap set from William Sonoma is a sure way to get you in the mood for the switch over of fall.



Just like the kitchen, a bathroom needs just subtle changes for an incoming season. Try adding some spiced candles or switching out your hand towels with a pop of color. Items like dried botanicals or neutral wall decor can help make guests feel more invited when stepping into the loo. These framed prints from Uttermost add a stunning neutral to the room while leaving space for any style of bathroom decor that sparks inspiration for you.

10 Staging Mistakes to Avoid

When staging a home, there are 10 BIG mistakes a lot of people end up making that just throw off the design and space of the home. In order to successfully stage a home, be aware and be sure to avoid these 10 mistakes!

  1. Using Furniture that’s Too Big for the Room: Many sellers and new stagers place furniture that is too large for the space. Sure, it might be comfortable and useful to have a sectional in the corner of the room, but in reality, it will take up a lot of space and make the room look much smaller. Instead, try using a sofa with a loveseat or accent chairs that will fit the space better.
  2. Pushing all Furniture Against the Walls: Often, many people push furniture against walls. This tends to make large rooms look smaller if every piece of furniture is against the wall. Instead, try placing furniture at different angles or moving it away from the walls.
  3. Hanging Artwork too High: Artwork and all other wall decorations should be hung at the average person’s eye level. Hanging wall art too high will make the ceiling look lower than it truly is, making the room look smaller.
  4. Household Smells: Often, we become immune to the smell of our own home from food and pet odors. Visitors will notice these strange smells. Try using air fresheners and opening windows to freshen up the scent of the home for your new potential buyers.
  5. Displaying personal photos and memorabilia: Keeping your personal photos and memorabilia on display is simply an invasion of privacy and a distraction for buyers. You don’t want the buyer focusing on you as the owner and your accomplishments, you want them to focus on the home and if they can see themselves living in it.
  6. Bold Paint Colors: Going crazy with wall colors is not the way to go when listing your home. Keep it light and neutral, allowing the buyer to feel relaxed in the space.
  7. White & Beige Everything: As much as we love the clean look of white and beige, we need to add some pops of color to the home.
  8. Too Small or Too Big Area Rugs: Rugs should be large enough for the front legs of the sofa and chairs to be on it and small enough to not fully be covering the flooring space in the room. Smaller area rugs for an average room will make the room look insufficient and too large area rugs will crowd the room.
  9. A Lack of Lighting: Naturally lit rooms always make the home feel more inviting. Open up the curtains, turn on all the lights, and add lamps if needed.
  10. Allowing pets to remain in the home for showings: Some buyers might not have allergies or simply do not like pets. This can potentially ruin the opportunity to have the highest and best offer for your home. Remove all pets, toys, or any trace of pets before showing the home.

Top 5 Most Popular Home Styles in California

How to distinguish between the different styles…


1. Cape Cod homes have a symmetrical appearance. They have a centered front entry, a centered chimney, and steep roofs. They are often simple, timeless, and have a clean silhouette. This is the type of house a child would draw when told to draw a home.
 2. Spanish-style homes usually consist of stucco walls and low-pitched red-tiled roofs. They have round-arched windows and entries. When entering the home, they often have natural wood beams on the ceilings.

3. Tuscan homes are usually constructed with limestone, travertine, or marble with terracotta roof tiles. They consist of terracotta roof tiles, stone walls, wrought iron accessories, mosaic-like flooring, and sturdy hardware such as railings and light fixtures.









4. Tudor homes reflect the late Medieval and early Renaissance design. They are asymmetrical, steeply pitched roofs, brick exterior walls, and hand-hewn half-timbering. Some of their key features are the overhead wood beams on the ceiling and brick or stone driveways.










5. Victorian homes represent high status during the Victorian era. Some of their key features are their bay windows, dentils, and grand columns. These homes consist of multiple bedrooms, double doors, grand balconies, detailed interior trim, and ornate stairways.

Our Amazon Home Favorites

Amazon is a great place to find some products and deals if you don’t have the time to go searching and shopping. We compiled a list of some of our favorite Amazon products so you don’t have to go looking for them.

Round Ottoman with Storage: With this ottoman/table, you can easily store blankets, toys, or extra items that you may not want laying around your living room. The flat, hard surface can be perfectly used as a table as well. It has a simple and modern design, which makes it easy to style with any kind of living space. 

Countertop corner organizer: This countertop storage organizer is great for the bathroom or kitchen. Store your everyday bathroom products, seasoning, or anything you may use on a day-to-day basis and want it to be easily accessible. You can also find another great countertop corner organizer if you click here.

Flameless Candles With Timer: These energy-saving LED candles with a timer are perfect for the evenings at home to avoid using electricity and protect from the dangers of a flame. 

Woven Seagrass Basket: This handmade, woven basket is great for storage, and use as a laundry, picnic, or grocery basket.

Arched Full-Length Mirror: This modern and contemporary full-length mirror is great for the bedroom or living room. It is made with excellent quality and is easily installable.

Four-Layer Foldable Makeup Box: The four-tray design makes it easy to use this box at home with all your products, and fold it up when traveling. It’s more lightweight than an aluminum make-up bag and comes with a built-in mirror.

Two-Pack Blue Light Glasses: These blue light glasses are perfect for alleviating visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming, and working under fluorescent lights with UV400 protection and glare reduction.

Digital Alarm Clock: This alarm clock allows you to either set two or three alarms to better WAKE you up. One for you and the other for your families. Forever Say no to delay. Also, it allows you to set weekday mode, which will ring only from Monday to Friday. It’s not only a clock but also a great decoration for your bedroom.


Easy and Affordable Ways to Elevate Your Home

Make the Entreeway a Focal Point

Improving your entryway can make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. Use a dark color on the door to make the entryway pop, and add two large symmetrical planters at the walkway.

Create the Illusion of a High Ceiling

High ceilings are a key feature in expensive homes but if your home doesn’t come with original high ceilings, it can be costly to physically raise the ceiling height. Luckily, there is a trick to creating an illusion for high ceilings. By hanging the curtain rod closer to the ceiling, and using long flowing drapes, you can create a more luxurious look. 

Use a Neutral and Light Canvas

Painting the walls a neutral color such as white, cream, or light gray creates a clean look before adding decor and furniture. This gives you the flexibility to use colors without clashing and cluttering the home.

Apply Removable Wallpaper 

To spice up a room, bathroom, or hallway, consider adding a simple but statement wallpaper to one wall that catches the eye when entering the room. 

Pull Your Furniture Away from  the Walls

Pulling your furniture away from the walls creates more space and utilizes the room better. Setting the furniture at least 12” from the walls, makes the room look more inviting and cozy.

Keep Entryways Clear 

One of the worst things to do when organizing your furniture is to place a large piece of furniture right in front of the entryway. When you walk into the room, if there’s a sofa in front of the entree, this automatically closes off the room. Create openings by rearranging the furniture so your guests can walk directly into an open and inviting room.

Paint Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets and Replace Hardware 

 Instead of completely replacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, painting them a light color will brighten up the space, and make it look larger and more expensive. To give it an extra sleek and new look, replacing the hardware with affordable gold, brass, satin nickel, or black styles from Target or Amazon can freshen up the look of your kitchen and bathroom.

Hide Clutter from Wires

Another important way to make your home look more elevated is by removing any additional clutter, especially from TV and computer wires. An easy way to do this is by concealing them with cord covers from Amazon or The Home Depot. They can be easily installed with a hacksaw and some screws, then painted the same color as your wall to seamlessly blend in. 

Add a Beautiful Light Fixture

Adding a light fixture that catches the eye and lights the room can be a simple way to accelerate a living room, dining room, or master bedroom. It doesn’t need to be an expensive or extravagant fixture. Something that creates a layer of sophistication.

Create a Small Appliance Hideaway

Recent modern and luxury homes include a kitchen that is sleek and free of appliances on countertops. At first look at the kitchen, a guest does not see a microwave, toaster, or coffeemaker. That is because these appliances are hidden behind a cabinet door that matches the rest of the kitchen cabinets. This shouldn’t be too costly, considering a door can be added with basic required wood and cabinet hardware. To give it an extra clean look, you can even ask a professional to create a cabinet to hide away the refrigerator. 

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