10 Staging Mistakes to Avoid

10 Staging Mistakes to Avoid

When staging a home, there are 10 BIG mistakes a lot of people end up making that just throw off the design and space of the home. In order to successfully stage a home, be aware and be sure to avoid these 10 mistakes!

  1. Using Furniture that’s Too Big for the Room: Many sellers and new stagers place furniture that is too large for the space. Sure, it might be comfortable and useful to have a sectional in the corner of the room, but in reality, it will take up a lot of space and make the room look much smaller. Instead, try using a sofa with a loveseat or accent chairs that will fit the space better.
  2. Pushing all Furniture Against the Walls: Often, many people push furniture against walls. This tends to make large rooms look smaller if every piece of furniture is against the wall. Instead, try placing furniture at different angles or moving it away from the walls.
  3. Hanging Artwork too High: Artwork and all other wall decorations should be hung at the average person’s eye level. Hanging wall art too high will make the ceiling look lower than it truly is, making the room look smaller.
  4. Household Smells: Often, we become immune to the smell of our own home from food and pet odors. Visitors will notice these strange smells. Try using air fresheners and opening windows to freshen up the scent of the home for your new potential buyers.
  5. Displaying personal photos and memorabilia: Keeping your personal photos and memorabilia on display is simply an invasion of privacy and a distraction for buyers. You don’t want the buyer focusing on you as the owner and your accomplishments, you want them to focus on the home and if they can see themselves living in it.
  6. Bold Paint Colors: Going crazy with wall colors is not the way to go when listing your home. Keep it light and neutral, allowing the buyer to feel relaxed in the space.
  7. White & Beige Everything: As much as we love the clean look of white and beige, we need to add some pops of color to the home.
  8. Too Small or Too Big Area Rugs: Rugs should be large enough for the front legs of the sofa and chairs to be on it and small enough to not fully be covering the flooring space in the room. Smaller area rugs for an average room will make the room look insufficient and too large area rugs will crowd the room.
  9. A Lack of Lighting: Naturally lit rooms always make the home feel more inviting. Open up the curtains, turn on all the lights, and add lamps if needed.
  10. Allowing pets to remain in the home for showings: Some buyers might not have allergies or simply do not like pets. This can potentially ruin the opportunity to have the highest and best offer for your home. Remove all pets, toys, or any trace of pets before showing the home.

Top 5 Most Popular Home Styles in California

How to distinguish between the different styles…


1. Cape Cod homes have a symmetrical appearance. They have a centered front entry, a centered chimney, and steep roofs. They are often simple, timeless, and have a clean silhouette. This is the type of house a child would draw when told to draw a home.
 2. Spanish-style homes usually consist of stucco walls and low-pitched red-tiled roofs. They have round-arched windows and entries. When entering the home, they often have natural wood beams on the ceilings.

3. Tuscan homes are usually constructed with limestone, travertine, or marble with terracotta roof tiles. They consist of terracotta roof tiles, stone walls, wrought iron accessories, mosaic-like flooring, and sturdy hardware such as railings and light fixtures.









4. Tudor homes reflect the late Medieval and early Renaissance design. They are asymmetrical, steeply pitched roofs, brick exterior walls, and hand-hewn half-timbering. Some of their key features are the overhead wood beams on the ceiling and brick or stone driveways.










5. Victorian homes represent high status during the Victorian era. Some of their key features are their bay windows, dentils, and grand columns. These homes consist of multiple bedrooms, double doors, grand balconies, detailed interior trim, and ornate stairways.

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